Using Tabata Songs in Your Videos

Can I use Tabata Songs in my videos (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc)?

YES, under the following parameters:

-You may not sell any media (videos, music, recordings, etc) that includes Tabata Songs music unless otherwise agreed upon by Tabata Songs, LLC.

-Creator (you) must properly credit Tabata Songs for use of media using the following template:

Embedded text in video:
-Music: “[Insert Song Name]” by Tabata Songs

Information (YouTube & Vimeo)

-“[Insert Song Name(s)] by Tabata Songs


Tabata Songs reserves the right to duplicate, share, or distribute any visual content that includes Tabata Songs copyrighted material. Example: If you post a video to YouTube of yourself exercising to a song by Tabata Songs, we reserve the right to include your video, or parts of the video, in our distributed content.

We look forward to seeing your videos!!!