About Tabata Songs

Tabata Songs provides music specifically for the famous Tabata Training Protocol (8 rounds of: 20 Seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest).

Each Tabata Song coaches the listener through the 8 intervals, prompting when to GO and when to REST.

With over 375 million music & video streams Tabata Songs has become a household name across the fitness community in gyms, home workouts and YouTube fitness channels across the globe.

“We were on a mission to stay active while touring with our band, which is no easy feat!” -Jay Driscoll (Tabata Songs Co-founder

Tabata Songs is the brainchild of two musician friends who established the idea in 2011 while touring the U.S.A. with their band. “We were on a mission to stay active while touring, which is no easy feat!” says co-founder Jay Driscoll. “While touring we would often find ourselves doing hotel room workouts or sneaking in some sprints in a parking garage.”

“At the time, Wayno (co-founder) was training for his second marathon and I was just getting into CrossFit. We had done some Tabata workouts but found that timing them was difficult. There were some timer apps available, but back then the iPhone would make us choose between listening to music or using the timer. Being musicians, we thought… let’s make a song for this… A Tabata Song!”

A creative solution to a simple problem, Tabata Songs was born.

The Tabata Songs catalog covers songs from workout classics like “Eye of the Tiger” to today’s newest pop hits from artists like Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa.