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Blinding Lights


Hey Ya


Poker Face

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What is Tabata Songs?

We create music specifically for Tabata interval workouts. Each Tabata Song tells you when to GO and when to STOP, so you can ignore the clock & timer and focus on your workout.

A creative solution to a simple problem, Tabata Songs was born.

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Newest Tabata Songs Release

Phasellus at fusce molestie posuere letius justo litora commodo mauris natoque vehicula mollis…

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100+ Tabata Workouts

Get access to over 100 Tabata workouts sorted by length, equipment and level with TABATA+.  …

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New Tabata Song: "Poker Face (Tabata)" LISTEN NOW

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New Tabata Song: "Shivers (Tabata)" available. LISTEN NOW

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How Tabata Songs are Made

Recording Tabata Songs Ever wonder how Tabata Songs are created? Many people just assume we take…

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Can I Use Tabata Songs in my Videos?

Can I use Tabata Songs in my YouTube videos? YES you may use Tabata Songs in your YouTube videos!…

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