Watch Inger Houghton demonstrate this full-body CrossFit-style Tabata Home Workout with her daughter! Inger shows how to have fun with your child while utilizing their bodyweight as resistance to get a great workout.

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“Uptown Funk (Tabata Mix)”

Using the 4 minute Tabata protocol of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, Inger uses the following movements to get a full-body workout:

-Squat thrusters

-Bottom of squat holds

-Bear crawl


-Alternating lunges

-Pelvic thrusts



-Toddler toe-touches

-Deadlifts / Good Mornings

-Cross body diagonal chops


Inger Houghton:

Inger, an athlete and fitness instructor from Norway, co-owns the Scandinavian Health & Performance center in Dubai ( with her husband, Ian. SHP provides direct to client services which, based on individual assessment, support and assist clients and their goals toward improved health & fitness, athletic performance, pain management & more.