Functional Bodybuilding Tabata with Marcus Filly

Watch Marcus Filly (6x CrossFit Games Athlete & Founder of Functional Bodybuilding) perform this Functional Bodybuilding approach to a Tabata workout while listening to “Dark Symphony Tabata” (Download Song Here).

By now, you have probably heard about Functional Bodybuilding. If you haven’t, welcome to the next big thing in the fitness world!

Functional Bodybuilding is a way to train, eat, and live that says YES to looking good naked while moving like a panther, year after year, and NO to the endless chase for high-intensity workouts and unsustainable eating fads.


Marcus Filly is the founder of Revival-Strength, which helps individuals develop their fitness and get breakthrough results with the Individual Design program. Individuals work with a Revival Strength coach one-on-one to provide a custom training, nutrition, and lifestyle program either remotely or at their facility in San Rafael, CA. 

This Tabata Workout, programmed and performed by Marcus, includes alternating sets of Kettlebell Cross Body Walking Lunges & L-Sit Flutter Kicks. The Tabata Protocol consists of eight 20 second intervals, each followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of four minutes

Through Filly’s training methods, he offers programs such as-

Functional Bodybuilding 101:
An online course that will increase your mind-muscle connection by showing you the foundational principles we use in our training methods. Perfect for the coach or thinking athlete who wants to understand the “why” behind your training. (More…)

Awaken Training Series:
Train online with our 12 week group program using Functional Bodybuilding progressions to build strength, improve your quality of movement, and reignite your passion for training. (More…)

For more information visit and follow Marcus on Instagram at @MarcusFilly