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There are two types of Tabata Songs that you can use as music in your Tabata Workout Videos:

Option #1: Premium Tabata Songs

Songs that are available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc...

Premium Tabata Songs

Can I use the Tabata Songs that I hear on Spotify in my YouTube videos?


Can I monetize my videos if I use these songs?

You likely won’t be able to fully monetize these songs.

Will my channel be negatively affected by using these songs in my videos?

NO. However, you may receive a copyright claim. But this is just to notify you that you are using music that is written by somebody else (we receive these claims on our own channel when we make Tabata Songs versions of popular songs). For more info SEE THIS POST.

Do you have any Royalty Free Tabata Songs that I can use in my videos?

YES! See below.

Option #2- Royalty-Free Tabata Songs

What are Royalty Free Tabata Songs?

These are Tabata Songs that you can use in your YouTube videos and still fully monetize your videos. 

These songs are not available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. The only other place you may hear these songs is on other YouTube videos. 

Where can I get Royalty Free Tabata Songs?

We are currently building a catalog of Royalty Free Tabata Songs for you to use in your videos! Enter your info below to be added to the invite list when the music becomes available. 

Visual Tabata Timers

Visual countdown timers are a great way to add value to your Tabata workout videos. These timers are synchronized specifically with Tabata Songs and can be used in iMove, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and most other video editing softwares.

If you have any suggestion on how to display an image of it in context here, I’m open!

Tabata Timers

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