Watch CrossFit’s Andrea Ager perform this INSANE Tabata workout… CrossFit style…

TabataSongs creates music that matches the exact timing of the Tabata Protocol.

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One of the sport’s best known and most admired athletes (not to mention being voted Top 5 hottest female CrossFit athletes numerous times!) ‘Ager Bomb’ recently teamed up with Tabata Songs at CrossFit LoDo in Denver to demonstrate a Tabata workout. In the video, Ms. ‘Ager Bomb’ also shares insight into her training and her thoughts on Tabata music.

“Tabata Songs really keeps me going through my routines. You don’t have to look up at a clock, so it’s better than using a timer,” Ager says.

“When I’m training, I don’t want to have to look up [at a clock]… I just want to be able to listen to the voice saying ‘3, 2, 1, Stop’, or ‘3, 2, 1, Go’. Music helps me find a rhythm for my pace.”

The latest music video follows Andrea Ager as she completes an eight-exercise Tabata workout, using music as a Tabata timer.

During the clip the Andrea Ager talks a bit about her training philosophy and why some girls might be intimidated about starting functional fitness.

“I hear girls being intimidated about why they don’t want to start CrossFit and a lot of times it’s because they walk into a gym and they see a lot of men doing crazy things and girls that they feel are really experienced,” she says. “But we all were there before we started CrossFit.”

Though Ager Bomb’s Tabata demo follows a Hip Hop influenced Tabata Song, you can expect to find almost any genre on the store- from Country to Tribal to Techno.

Andrea Ager started doing CrossFit in September 2010 in her native Colorado. She moved to California in 2011, the state where CrossFit was born and is still booming, to coach, compete, and chase some of the best CrossFit women in the world. While in California, Andrea defined herself as a vital team competitor and an aggressive individual competitor amongst the best in the world. In 2013, Andrea finished the open 7th place in the world. In 2012, Andrea finished the open 6th place in the world and 5th in the SoCal Regionals. In 2011, Andrea finished the open in 17th place in SoCal and was part of the Brick team that placed 5th at the 2011 Crossfit Games. Andrea recently returned to Colorado to focus full-time on training and achieving her goal of returning to the CrossFit Games.

Prior to discovering CrossFit, Andrea ran track for Mesa State University in Colorado while earning an Exercise Science degree. She competed in the 400m hurdles, 800m, 200m, 4x400m relay and triple jump. In high school she competed in track, swimming and volleyball.

What is Tabata? 20 Seconds of sprint/work, 10 second rest, for 4 straight minutes. Tabata music lets you focus on your workout, rather than think about having to look at your watch or a timer.

Tabata Training began in the mid 1990’s. Japanese fitness researcher Dr Izumi Tabata created a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, using this very method. Dr Tabata proved the tabata method to draw heavily from both the aerobic and anaerobic systems, unlike most conventional workouts, which tend heavily favor one or the other.

The Tabata Interval has gained a lot of recognition throughout the Crossfit community, running community, and health clubs across the globe, for its versatility, adaptability, and positive results.

The Tabata Interval Method has proven to maximize VO2 max, while also building endurance, burning fat, and retaining muscle. Though the Tabata was not designed as a fat loss or weight loss program, it has gained a lot of recent attention in response to tabatas ability to speed up the metabolism and burn fat.

What is Crossfit? A workout program designed by Greg Glassman, which follows daily WOD (workout of the day) posts on the company’s official site. CrossFit often uses tabata in their w.o.d.