Using Tabata Songs in Your Videos


So, you want to use our music in your Youtube video or Social media project?

NO PROBLEM (Assuming you follow the Credit Guidelines below). But please note that all TABATA SONGS are in the Youtube content ID system, which means ads may be added to your video and you may receive notification that you are using “third party content”.

This is a copyright CLAIM, not a STRIKE, it simply means: You have full permission to use the track in question, but our distributors and the original rights-holders (such as Bruno Mars if you use our “Uptown Funk” Tabata Song) may share the ad revenue with you or fully monetize the ads in your video.

Even WE receive these copyright claims on our own YouTube channel, if using a song that was originally written by another artist (see screenshot from our own channel below).

This has no effect on your channel at all. Read more about Youtube Copyright and Content ID here.

If the track you use is picked up by our publisher, you will simply see a notice like this:

Additional Guidelines:

-Creator (you) must properly credit Tabata Songs for use of media using the following template:

Embedded text in video:
-Music: “[Insert Song Name]” by Tabata Songs

Video Description/Caption

-“[Insert Song Name(s)] by Tabata Songs


Tabata Songs reserves the right to duplicate, share, or distribute any visual content that includes Tabata Songs copyrighted material. Example: If you post a video to YouTube of yourself exercising to a song by Tabata Songs, we reserve the right to include your video, or parts of the video, in our distributed content.