Tabata Songs

Tabata Songs offers music that is created specifically for the TABATA Interval Training Protocol (4 Minutes|20 Seconds Work: 10 Seconds Rest). Each song coaches the listener through the 8 intervals of this 4-minute workout, prompting when to GO and when to REST, eliminating any need for timers, watches, or inaccurate time estimates.

With music genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Country to Electronica, Tabata Songs has something for everybody.

Each Tabata Songs track gives the listener 10 seconds of prep time, with the actual workout beginning at the 10 second mark, prompted by the first “3  2  1  GO!”

Put the music on your phone and take it with you anywhere, whether you are sprinting on a track, squatting in the gym, or curling rocks at the beach. Don’t limit yourself or your workout. Just press play, Let the music be your coach…
Tabata Songs can be found just about anywhere that music is sold: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc. The list grows every day!

The Origin of Tabata Songs

Founded by two musicians, Jay Driscoll & John Wayno, while touring with the band Barefoot Truth, Tabata Songs was created with the idea of combining a timer with music. 
“While on the road we would often find ourselves doing hotel workouts or sneaking in some sprints in a parking garage,” says Driscoll. “At the time, Wayno was training for his second marathon and I was just getting into CrossFit. We had done some Tabata workouts but found that timing them was difficult. There were some timer apps available, but the iPhone would make us choose between listening to music or using the timer. Being musicians, we thought… let’s make a song for this… A Tabata Song!”
Since then, Tabata Songs has reached over 50 Million YouTube views and sees over 1 million streams per month on Spotify.