Rasmus W. Andersen performs a Tabata row for distance (meters) while following the Tabata timing provided by Tabata Songs at CrossFit TILT in Waltham, MA. Rasmus is using a Concept 2 Model D. How many meters can YOU row in a Tabata?

Rasmus, who was born and raised in Denmark, took 12th place worldwide in the 2016 CrossFit Open (out of approximately 300,000 athletes). Andersen takes a moment to talk about Tabata and his experience with CrossFit.

“I’ve done CrossFit for about 5 years now; I started in 2010, but started going full-time in 2011.”

Watch “Rowing Tips with Rasmus Andersen” here. 

“Tabata is basically 4 minutes of working out. You have 20 seconds max-out effort and 10 seconds rest for 8 sets.”

In this video, Rasmus is listening to “Club Remix Tabata” by Tabata Songs while rowing as many meters as possible over the course of the eight 20 second long intervals.”Tabata songs will help you to just focus on what you are doing. You just listen to whatever the speaker says, like if it says rest, you rest, if it says go, you go hard.”

“Tabata can basically be used for any movements,” Andersen explains. “You can do rowing, you can do push-ups, you can do air squats, you can even add in some weight and do any kind of barbell movements.”

“My personal best on a rowing machine is around 1:21 500 meter. I recently PR’d my 2k in 6:27 and my 5k time is 17:34.” Known as one of the best rowers in CrossFit, Andersen’s athletic past was rather non-existent. Like many CrossFitters around the world, Rasmus began CrossFit in order to get in shape. ” I started CrossFit because, well, a good friend wanted me to go with him and I started because of him basically, but I was out of shape and I needed something to get me into shape.”

“I’m so happy that I started CrossFit because it brought to me a whole bunch of new friends, and the community. When you walk into a gym it’s just unbelievable. I think that’s the biggest takeaway for me, the community  it is really cool.”