Tabata Leaderboard

The 4-Minute Tabata protocol can be a great way to benchmark and track your fitness. 

We created the Tabata Songs Leaderboard in order to feature the very top Tabata performances that are submitted to us. Whether you are going for max reps, distance or calories during your 8 intervals, we want to share it. See video submission info below.

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Jake Marconi. Full Range CrossFit. 12/13/18


90 Pull-Ups
Adam Sandel. CrossFit Marblehead. 5/30/18

TABATA BURPEES (for Distance)

149 Yards
Pat Rauker. Norwottuck CrossFit / Amherst College. 5/21/18


83 Burpees
Mitch Wagner. CrossFit Oregon City. 1/12/17


350 Double-Unders
Dave Hunt. CrossFit Felix. 2/6/17


TABATA ROW (Indoor Row)

1099 Meters
Rasmus Andersen. CrossFit Tilt. 3/31/16

Coming soon:

-Tabata air squats
-Tabata Bar Muscle-Ups
-Tabata chin-ups
-Tabata Clean and Jerk 95/65
-Tabata Deadlift 185/135
-Tabata Dips
-Tabata Gravity Challenge
-Tabata Gravity Challenge 2.0
-Tabata pull-ups
-Tabata Push Press 65/45
-Tabata push-ups
-Tabata Ring Muscle-Ups
-Tabata row (calories)
-Tabata Something Else
-Tabata sprints (distance)
-Tabata This
-Tabata Thrusters 45/35
-Tabata triple unders

To have your Tabata workout videos considered for the Tabata Leaderboard, please send your YouTube video link to:

 admin (at) tabata songs (dot) com

Subject: “Tabata Leaderboard Submission”