Recording Tabata Songs

Ever wonder how Tabata Songs are created?

Many people just assume we take the original song, “Eye of the Tiger” for example, drop in the Tabata coach’s voice and call it a day! WRONG. That would be very illegal and very boring.

We actually record our own 4 minute version of the song with various musicians, singers and of course the Tabata Songs coach voice.

The Making of a Tabata Song

Rather than writing a lengthy post about how we play, sing and record every sound you hear in Tabata Songs… watch the videos below!

Recording “Eye of the Tiger (Tabata)”

This video is a great example of how collaborative these songs can be. Like many of our songs, this features musicians from around the world including Nigeria, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, USA and more. 


Behind the Scenes of the “Rocky” Tabata Song

One of our earlier Tabata Songs, “Rocky (Tabata)” was recorded entirely in-house and features only a few artists. That’s our audio director John Wayno on piano… and bass, and trumpet, and drums, and vocals, and more 🙂