Elijah “E.Z.” Muhammad– 2x CrossFit Games Athlete, husband, father of four and owner of CrossFit Unorthodox- has perfected the art of training with efficiency.  Unlike some of his fellow Games competitors, who don’t yet have families or own businesses and are able to commit 100% of their focus towards training, nutrition, and recovery, Muhammad has a lot of non-CrossFit related responsibilities to balance. And balance he does… with absolute grace.

“Along with having four children and a wife and owning a gym, the time is really tough to find to train consistently at a high intensity,” says the 29-year-old.

Functioning off of only 4-5 hours of sleep per night, E.Z. finds motivation in keeping his training fun. “That’s what my goal is now, is just trying to make it as fun as possible to maximize the time I have. Maximize every workout.”

This Tabata Workout is a great example of how E.Z. Muhammad keeps it fun. The workout, programmed by Muhammad himself, consists of alternating intervals between 225 power cleans and PVC pipe jump-overs (ascending in height). The PVC pipe sits atop several 45lb plates, which are piled on top of a 24″ Rogue box. With every jump-over interval, the height ascends another 3.5″, resulting in a final height of over 4 feet!

“Dance Tabata” by Tabata Songs
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