Watch Crossrope CEO Dave Hunt go all out on this Tabata Double-Under jump rope workout. In this video Dave completes 350 double-unders while using the Crossrope Bolt Set jump rope system. He starts with the green 1 oz Sprint Rope and finishes with the orange 2 oz Speed Rope. 

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The goal: Complete as many total reps as possible within the confines of a 4 minute Tabata workout (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for four minutes).

What’s a Double Under? For every single jump, the jump rope passes under the jumpers feet twice.

What is Tabata? Four minute workout consisting of 8 intervals. Each interval lasts 20 seconds long and is followed by ten seconds of rest.

A former Navy pilot, Dave Hunt is the founder and creator of Crossrope, the weighted jump rope system that has revolutionized jump roping. With ropes as light as 1 oz to ropes as heavy as 2 lbs, Crossrope is more than just a badass weighted jump rope/speed rope system. It is a a training program, it is an app, and above all it is a community of thousands of jumpers around the world motivating each other to move.