Tabata Songs offers music that is created specifically for the TABATA Interval Training Protocol (4 Minutes|20 Seconds Work: 10 Seconds Rest). Each song coaches the listener through the 8 intervals of this 4 minute workout, prompting when to GO and when to REST, eliminating any need for timers, watches, or inaccurate time estimates.

With music genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Country to Electronica, Tabata Songs has something for everybody.

Each Tabata Songs track gives the listener 10 seconds of prep time, with the actual workout beginning at the 10 second mark, prompted by the first “3  2  1  GO!” 

Put the music on your phone and take it with you anywhere, whether you are sprinting on a track, squatting in the gym, or curling rocks at the beach. Don’t limit yourself or your workout. Just press play, Let the music be your coach…
Tabata Songs can be found just about anywhere that music is sold: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc. The list grows every day!



We are Jay Driscoll and John “Wayno” Waynelovich. Friends, bandmates, and workout buds. As touring musicians in our band Barefoot Truth, we have often found it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road. We have constantly challenged ourselves to make this a priority- physically and nutritionally.

In 2011, while Wayno was training for his first full marathon, we stumbled across a four minute interval workout protocol called TABATA. The method called for 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of 8 intervals. To us, this was like a miracle workout, as we were able to perform Tabatas wherever we were- whether we were putting in post-show burpee session at our hotel, or running sprints in concert venue parking lot.

The constant struggle for us with Tabata was timing out the intervals. Holding good form during any movement is difficult while trying to look at a wristwatch, or a timer! In 2011 we came up with the idea of music for Tabata intervals. Four minute songs that literally time out the 20/10 intervals. We searched online for some tabata songs, only to find an illegal download of a DMX song that had an cheesy overdubbed voice saying Go and Stop!

As musicians, we decided to just go into the studio and create some Tabata songs of our own. Though these were originally intended for our own use, we decided to make the music available for purchase online in late 2011, just in case there were other people out in search of the same thing. The name of the project… TABATA SONGS!

To our surprise, we begain getting feedback and thank you’s from all over the world. Fitness instructors and phys-ed teachers telling us that they use the music in their group classes, CrossFit enthusiasts using it in there WODs, and mounds of people like us, who just like to put it on there iPod and go. People that have purchased $20 interval timers, but find themselves happier and more motivated with the $0.99 song download. Within a few months there were countless videos online of people using the music with their workouts. 

The music is now available all over the world!

It has been very fullfilling to find a way to bridge our passions for music and fitness. We hope you enjoy working out to the music as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

-Jay & Wayno




Jay Driscoll-

Jay Driscoll Tabata Songs

Jay Driscoll

Jay Driscoll grew up in Western Massachusetts where he began playing guitar at the age of 14. He started his band Barefoot Truth with friend and co-founder Will Evans in 2004. In 2007 Jay graduated from the University of Massachusetts, where he studied geo-sciences and played club lacrosse.

Touring and co-writing music with Barefoot Truth from 2004-2012, one of Jay’s favorite things was going for a run or a hike in a new place almost every day. Whether running through the St Louis courthouse with no shoes on (check out the video) or hiking in the White Mountains after a show at UNH, Jay made sure to get outside any chance he had. 

Jay currently lives in Western Massachusetts with his family and attends graduate school at UMass-Amherst where he is earning is ME.D and ED.S. in the field of Education. 




John Wayno-

John Waynelovich Tabata Songs

John Wayno

The product of an entertainment family, Wayno represents the fourth generation of musicians and performers in his lineage. John grew up performing on a local level, spending his youth playing trumpet and piano in his father’s Dixieland band and big band in addition to appearing in over 50 musical theater productions.

John began playing piano in Barefoot Truth in 2007 while still a full-time college student. He graduated from Westfield State University in Massachusetts in 2009, where he studied music education and led the school’s a’ Capella group, and continued touring full-time with Barefoot Truth.

In addition to writing, producing and playing music, Wayno enjoys running (has completed two full marathons), basketball, poker, and spending time with his family. In 2015, after studying music production in Los Angeles for two years, Wayno moved back to Massachusetts where he currently lives and is a music producer.

barefoot truth northampton

Far left: Jay Driscoll. Far Right: John Wayno Performing w/ Barefoot Truth at The Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA.



Jay (left), Barefoot Truth Lead singer Will Evans and Wayno (right) perform and talk to an elementary school in Indiana about music, business, and healthy living

Jay (left), Barefoot Truth Lead singer Will Evans and Wayno (right) perform and talk to an elementary school in Indiana about music, business, and healthy living